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Your Greater St. Paul Comfort Pros Since 1947
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A man doing an air conditioning installation in St. Paul, MNDo you need a reliable HVAC system for your St. Paul, MN, property? If so, Schwantes Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help. We provide all types of HVAC systems, including heating and air conditioning installation, for homes and businesses throughout St. Paul, MN.

Let Us Take Care of Your HVAC Needs

We know the importance of a well-working HVAC system. We’re here to provide the services your HVAC system needs. For example, we can

  • Installation: If you need heating and AC installation, we’ll help you find theright unit for your property. We offer free HVAC system
    designs tailored for your budgetand situation.
  • Repairs: If yourcurrent HVAC systemsmells weird, sounds strange, or doesn’t do its job, wecan figure out theissueand repair the
    systemas needed.
  • Maintenance: Want to keep your HVAC systemforas long as possible? One way to do this is with regular maintenance. Join our Comfort Club for planned maintenance visitsand member discounts.

We are happy to service both commercial and residential HVAC systems.

Take Control of Your Air Quality

If you constantly smell weird odors, get colds or the flu, or even suffer from allergies, then these could all be signs of bad indoor air quality. We can help ensure your air quality is good with our testing services, including taking mold samples. With these results, we can recommend products and services to improve your air quality. If desired, we can even design your ductwork for your specific HVAC system.

Get in Touch Today

We are ready to help you with your HVAC needs. We are equipped to service all HVAC units, including furnaces, heat pumps,and boilers, as
well as hot water heaters. We also provide 24/7 help for all your emergency needs.
Please call us at 651-439-3331 to schedule your appointment today