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Affordable Woodbury Furnace Repair Company

Since 1947, Schwantes Heating & Air Conditioning has been your go-to furnace company, Woodbury. Over the years, we’ve dedicated an untold sum of human hours to training our staff, serving our customers, and repairing the furnace you depend on. While many companies may claim to provide exceptional service or care deeply about the experience of their customers, only Schwantes has backed up that claim with an investment to prepare our customer service representatives and technicians to provide you with the best possible experience available.

Our service is matched only by our continued use of the best quality furnace products on the marketplace, whether for a repair or a new installation, as well as an ongoing focus on affordability. We realize that affordability is an essential part of every service, and many of our efficiency efforts are devoted solely to maintaining our competitive prices. Even if another company can match our prices, they can’t come close to equaling the value to our customers. Being a Woodbury Furnace Repair company we understand that going the extra mile set’s us apart from the other Heating Repair companies Companies that only do the minimums.

We tell you all this not to brag but to give you confidence in choosing Schwantes for your next furnace need or Woodbury Furnace Repair. We know there are plenty of choices out there, and we feel it’s important to let you know how we’re different.

Furnace Repair Woodbury

Even When the Answer is Furnace Installation, Woodbury Chooses Schwantes

If you’re looking into a unit upgrade or replacement, we’re more than happy to come to your home and provide a consultation that will help you learn more about your personal heating needs, as well as the heating needs defined by you home’s size and architecture.

We start with a Comfort Survey that helps us better understand existing heating challenges or goals, and also conduct a Manual J Load calculation that provides you with detailed statistical information about your home’s heating performance. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to make the right decision for your home and family.

While most may recognize our name from our repair services, we’ve shown over the years that we’re also the right choice for furnace installation. Woodbury need look no further than Schwantes Heating & Air Conditioning. To set up a consultation, just give us a call or send us your preferred date and time through our easy online appointment scheduler.

Woodbury Furnace Installation

Join the Comfort Club for Furnace Service, Woodbury, and Enjoy the Security of Scheduled Maintenance

Well before you need a repair, the Schwantes Comfort Club can provide a full range of furnace service. Woodbury residents can enjoy the peace of mind offered by planned maintenance that can spot problems before they appear. This is especially critical if you want to avoid your unit breaking down with a house full of family on Christmas morning, or a dangerous and potentially lengthy outage during the deep winter months in January and February.

With the Comfort Club, you’ll enjoy a planned maintenance schedule that protects the investment you’ve made in your furnace. This can extend the life of your equipment and ensure that it’s operating at maximum efficiency, saving you money on heating costs. During our visits prior to the heating season (as well as the cooling season, for your air conditioning unit), we’ll perform services like checking your start capacitors and relays, cleaning condenser coils, and lubricating moving parts.

From installation to repair to the Comfort Club, the furnace services of Schwantes Heating & Air Conditioning are the competent, comprehensive offerings you expect from Woodbury’s leading HVAC company.  Give one of our Certified Woodbury Furnace Repair Specialists a call today at 651-439-3331 and ask about our specials.

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