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When your looking for heating repair St. Paul, MN Schwantes is the company for you.  We have been a Saint Paul Heating Repair Company since 1947 and NOBODY treats there customers better than us!  There are many systems within our homes that we tend to tame for granted, at least until they stop working altogether. For example, when was the last time you gave serious thought to your air conditioner or your freezer? What about the water pipes under your house? Have you ever considered those? If not, then you will most definitely be caught off guard when they stop working. If your heater should fail, for example, you will find that your house becomes far cooler than you ever intended, and that can easily lead to illness or at the very least, a very uncomfortable living situation. There are many other issues that can be caused by a poorly functioning heating system, and for this reason you may need to call for heating repair St. Paul, MN.

Heating Repair St. Paul, MN

Why you Might need Heating Repair St. Paul, MN

There are many reasons for which you might need to seek out furnace repair or heating repair St. Paul MN., for example, you could have simply tendered a lack of maintenance, which would be a bit silly. You put thousands of dollars into your home heating system, but then you fail at the upkeep. Okay, as ridiculous as it might sound, this DOES happen from time to time, though typically you will learn the first time and proceed to keep up with maintenance. There are several different things to remember and attend to when it comes to your furnace maintenance, for example, taking care of dirty or clogged filters.

It is strongly recommended that you replace your filters monthly as they will accumulate dust and dirty rather quickly over a short period of time. Once they have become completely obstructed they will be unable to pass air, or at least if they do, the air will no longer be clean. The concept of once per month cleaning is good, of course, but not everyone has time for it, and so it is strongly recommended that you have what is known as beginning of season maintenance before you start running your furnace full blast. During this maintenance you will have a St. Paul, MN Heating company dispatched to your home to ensure all parts of your furnace are functioning properly. Remember, if you have a dirty filter, it will restrict airflow, and as that happens, warm air will be unable to circulate through your home. In addition to that, your furnace will work much harder to circulate warm air, and this will cause significant wear and tear on the parts.

Dealing with the Wear and Tear

Inside your furnace there are many moving, mechanical parts, all of which are essential to the proper operation of the overall machine. If any of these parts become damaged, the entire assembly will become non-functional, and you will be facing a serious problem over the winter. You can trust us when we say this is NOT something that you want, and with that being the case, you will want to make sure that you are on top of it before it becomes a serious issue. A good heating service St. Paul, MN will help you to keep on top of it and keep your furnace in working condition for the foreseeable future.

Other Problems

Your heating contractor St. Paul, MN will undoubtedly be more than happy to help you with pilot or ignition problems in your heating unit. You should take into consideration that there are two different types of ignition systems in modern systems:

  • Hot Surface Ingition
  • Intermittent Pilot

Both of these are electronically controlled and are prone to failure if they are not properly taken care of. In addition to that, thermostat can also malfunction, and this can easily result in comfort issues. Keep this in mind and make sure that your unit is in working order. Your winter and your comfort level might depend on it. Whether you need Heating Installation St. Paul, MN or repair services, there is someone to help you and keep you above water.