Thermolec Boilers


Thermolec is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of electric heating equipment including electric boilers. Thermolec modulating boilers are designed to be quickly and easily installed on a wall, requiring very little space. The boilers offer safe, reliable operation.

The Thermolec Wall-Hung Electric & Dual Energy Boilers

Thermolec Wall Hung

A high-quality
and reliable wall-mounted Electric boiler. Featuring a Heavy-duty, fully insulated heat generator (10 years warranty)
Fully Modulating
Pre-wired and electronically controlled elements made of low-watt density Incoloy (10 years warranty)
Extremely quiet operation
Ultra quiet magnetic relays for heating elements and pump – can be installed in living space areas. Approved for zero clearance to combustible materials
Perfect In-Floor applications
Adjustable electronic hot water aquastat with wide range to suit all applications (80ºF to 180ºF)
Saves Energy
Outdoor reset control saves energy and improves comfort.
Dual-Energy Capabilities
Dual-energy boiler for applications where the system alternates between electric heat and natural gas or propane.