Baxi Boilers


Baxi heating products are a clear choice of leading builders, architects, engineers, designers and mechanical contractors. The Baxi staff and partners are committed to building better futures for homeowners and businesses and fully embrace the opportunity to establish energy efficient and environmentally safe heating and hot water solutions throughout North America.

The Baxi HT-Series Wall-Hung Condensing High Efficiency Gas Boiler


Baxi Luna wall hung condensing boilers are environmentally friendly, green appliances:
Emit 90% less CO and 80% less NOx , Operate at up to 99% efficiency
Compatible with any type of hydronic air handler, wall or baseboard

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radiator, or in-floor radiant heating system.

Highly Intelligent
Double CPU microprocessor for highest efficiency optimization
Sealed combustion system
with fully modulating gas valve and fan
Stainless Heat Exchanger
Nickel-chrome stainless steel (AISI 316L) primary heat exchanger, high resistance to corrosion, no internal welding, large heat exchange surface and low heat inertia.
Freeze Protection
Anti-freeze protection (Unit will operate at low fire until 30°C (86° F) loop temperature is achieved)
Domestic Hot Water Capabilities
Baxi Luna HT 330 is combination central heating and on-demand domestic hot water boiler (with DHW flow rate of 3.6 US gpm @ [ΔT 80°F])
Energy Star Rated & ASME H Stamp certified, and AGA and CSA approved