Professional Installation

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Consumer Reports suggests that in the end, it’s the contractor who will make the biggest difference in how well the furnace replacement goes. We could not agree more!

At Schwantes, our professional installations start with our factory-trained and certified technicians who take special care to protect your home during installation including shoe covers and floor protection. All installed equipment is set up to manufacturer’ specifications, balanced for air flows, and tested for efficiency. A 33-point quality control audit is also performed assuring that you are getting all the comfort that you paid for.

Other distinguishing features of a Schwantes installation include:

All Sheet metal is produced in our shop (not on site) allowing us to provide higher quality air-tight metal plenums and transitions that insure the highest quality installation possible.

Manufacturers’ recommendations, code requirements and federal laws are only our minimum standards

We are a drug-free company and all employees must pass criminal background checks

As a Trane Comfort Specialist Dealer, your complete and total satisfaction is our number one goal

We are one of the highest rated and most consistent performers in Trane’s Customer Satisfaction Surveys and recently received an award as Home Depot’s Top Contractor for the North Central Region.