3 Reasons To Inspect Your Heating System

There are several steps every Minnesota homeowner should take prior to the beginning of winter. One of the most important responsibilities is ensuring that your heating system is ready to go before the cold season settles in. When you’re in need of residential heating or residential services to maintain your furnace, trust the professionals to get the job done right. Here are three great reasons to get your system dialed-in for winter.

Make Your Heating System Efficient And Cost Effective

One of the primary concerns for many homeowners is cost. A heating system which doesn’t work efficiently is one that costs you more than is necessary. To avoid the potential for overinflated utility bills, have a qualified technician inspect your home’s heating system before you need to use it regularly. Not only is this a good way to save money, it’s a good way to ensure that you’re not stuck waiting for service professionals who are already busy in the midst of the winter season.

Clean Airways Affect Your Health

When considering Stillwater residential heating and residential services, another factor to weigh is the air quality within your home. The warm air produced by your heat system travels through a series of ducts and filters, which means that by the time you breathe it in, it might not be as clean as you’d prefer. A well-serviced system works more efficiently as well as more cleanly. This can be key in reducing potential for seasonal illnesses and allergies.

Hire A Professional For Proper Maintenance

Finally, it’s a good idea to address service needs for your heating system simply due to the peace of mind you’ll enjoy. Professional technicians are not only trained to make sure your system is working properly, but they’re often in the best position to ensure that no safety concerns exist. As a major appliance designed to provide warmth to large, open areas, your heating system is a powerful but potentially dangerous implementation if not properly maintained. Pursue quality residential heating services for full confidence in your system every day.

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Heat Pumps: Efficient And Effective For Stillwater, MN Homes

For many Stillwater homeowners, the best heating solution is not necessarily a conventional furnace system. A heat pump is a clever innovation which does not generate warmth, but actually moves the heat to where you need it. In the colder months, these units work to force heat from outside into your home, making it more comfortable with considerable savings versus traditional heating methods. You’re sure to find numerous high-quality heat pumps for sale, particularly as winter settles into Minnesota.

One type is known as a mini split, a ductless heating method that’s a good option when retrofitting a home equipped with radiant panels, hydronic heat or other non-ducted systems. This type of heat pump features two primary components: an air handling unit indoors, and a condenser-compressor for outdoors. A conduit connects the two, also housing the condensation drain, tubing, and the power cable. This style of pump is ideal for heating multiple small spaces throughout a home.

Other common types of heat pumps for sale frequently include air source and geothermal units. Air pumps are capable of delivering up to three times the heat compared to their total energy consumption, making them a cost-effective solution to stay cozy in the winter. A geothermal pump is designed to achieve the same goal, but it relies on the ground temperature of the earth itself to provide heat to your home.

A final variant is the absorption heat pump, which is quite similar to an air pump but is not powered by electricity. Instead, a source such as solar-heated water or natural gas is utilized. These units were more traditionally found in commercial and industrial applications in years past, but use in homes and similar developments is becoming more common.

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4 Signs That Your Furnace Needs To Be Repaired

It’s getting colder and colder with each passing day in Stillwater, MN. The warm and comfortable atmosphere in your house may make you forget that heating problems are not uncommon during the winter. Your heater takes a lot of abuse, so it’s not surprising that it may have trouble doing its job once in a while. The longer you wait to schedule heating services, when your heater has problems in the middle of winter, you may find yourself at the end of a long line of people waiting for repairs.

Although waking up to a freezing house is a sure sign your furnace isn’t working, there are signals you can look for to avoid the cold awakening. Here are four signs to look for.

Check Your Electric Bill Regularly

If your bill is higher than usual, but your energy usage hasn’t changed, there may be something wrong with your furnace. Monitoring you bill regularly can tell you when your system is not working optimally.

Knock-Knock—Be On The Lookout For Strange Sounds

Your heater or furnace will make some sounds on a regular basis, but new ones serve as a warning sign that something is awry. Loud, unexpected noises are difficult to miss, so this harbinger of trouble for your furnace should be easy to spot.

Trouble Breathing

Your heater does more than just heat your home, it also helps air move freely though your rooms, so if you notice a higher incidence of allergies or asthma among your family members, you may need to change your filter. If that doesn’t do the trick, call a HVAC technician.

Carbon Monoxide Levels

The most difficult to spot, carbon monoxide is also the most deadly. A malfunctioning furnace can severely affect the carbon monoxide levels in your home. Known at the silent killer, this odorless gas can harm you and your loved ones. Install a carbon monoxide detector that alerts you when the carbon monoxide levels in your house changes, and if your furnace is more than 10 years old, have it checked for tiny cracks that can leak this deadly gas.

By being aware of what to look out for, you will be able to know when heating repair is necessary for your home. When in doubt or in need, call a qualified technician in Stillwater, MN.

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The Name Of The Game

People like titles. They make you sound official, give an idea of what you do, and sometimes a title is just downright cool. You turn to an “Industrial Engineer” or a “Financial Consultant” when you need them, and you expect them to get the job done; it’s in their title. Sometimes it’s not always super clear, especially when words like “contractor” can cover anything from construction to writing. Sometimes you might not know who to call to fix a problem. Time to narrow it down a bit. Here are a few times you might want an Electrical Contractor in Stillwater, MN.


Professional Installation And Repair


Remember when Mom got mad at you for poking the light socket as a kid? Remember when you weren’t blinded by a flash of light and wracked with electric shock because you listened to her? Electricity is nothing to play around with, and when it comes to wiring your home, you want it done right. Electrical contractors are tasked with the installation of power and lighting systems in your home. They’ll make sure everything is put in the right way.


In addition to installation, electrical contractors also perform repairs. They can help troubleshoot and diagnose a problem, and have the know-how to get everything up and running again. It’s a lot better than asking your wife to “try flipping the switch again, honey!”


Just A Look-See


What if there’s nothing wrong? Or what if you’re not sure? An Electrical Contractor in Stillwater, MN can take a look at your wiring, see if anything is wrong, and give you an estimate on how much repairs might be. In addition, they can also perform preventative maintenance, something that should be done routinely so as to prevent any disastrous problems later on. A quick inspection could be just the thing to catch a problem early on.


A Well-Wired Home


You’ve got a plumber to look at the plumbing, a roofer for the roof, and now an electrical contractor to make sure all the lights turn on. More than that though, they can help design the wiring layout, inspect for damages, and keep things running. An Electrical Contractor in Stillwater, MN will always live up to their name.

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Why Professional Air Conditioner Repair Benefits Homeowners

During the relentless, blazing heat of summer, the last thing you want to deal with is a malfunctioning air conditioner. However, since an air conditioning system is so important, it is wise to plan ahead to avoid major problems and keep your home cool and comfortable. Expert technicians not only install home cooling systems efficiently and correctly, but they can also service air conditioners regularly and quickly fix your system in the event of a breakdown. Professional AC repair and maintenance from Schwantes Heating & Air Conditioning offers benefits and helps you keep your cool.


Many homeowners may think they are saving money by skimping on regular servicing of their home’s air conditioning system. This tactic, however, will cost you more money in the long run through higher utility bills, reduced unit life and frequent repair costs when parts begin to fail through excess strain. Moreover, home cooling systems, if not maintained well, can even pose hazards to you and your family.  The best way to get the most from your investment in an air conditioner is to arrange for a knowledgeable technician to service it regularly. Many professionals offer annual service agreements that will keep your system in tip-top shape without breaking your budget. As is said, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


Sometimes, though, with such a complicated system as an air conditioner, a part fails and repairs must be made. A professional AC repair technician from Schwantes Heating & Air Conditioningcan assess your unit quickly, determine the problem and make necessary replacements and repairs fast, with a guarantee for their work. The problem could lie in the outdoor compressor and condenser, or in the indoor fan, coils and evaporator or somewhere in the length of ducts that pull out warm air and carry cool air through your home. When such an intricate configuration stops working, the best course for quick repairs done right is to call in a knowledgeable specialist.


Calling Schwantes Heating & Air Conditioning has definite advantages. It is the wisest decision for homeowners who want fast AC repair done right. Forward-looking homeowners know, too, that expert servicing performed regularly will save money on repairs and extend the unit’s life.

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