Heat Pumps – A Necessary Expense

Heat Pump

By this point you know exactly what the heating unit or furnace is for your home, but you might be at a loss for what is actually underneath. How does air get from one point to another? What is the trick? One of the most important parts of the unit, is the heat pump, and it is important that you understand a bit of how it works.

The Cycle Refrigeration System

First of all, a heat pump is a cycle refrigeration system that can do one of two things in a controlled pace: heat or cool. The assembly is comprised of two major parts, the air handler, and the heat pump.

How does it work exactly? What are the specifics? The idea behind the unit is for it to move warm air from one place to another in the home, with the mission changing, depending upon how warm it is in the given room. For example if it is cold outside, the heat pump will move the warm air back into the home, but if it finds that it is not needed, it  will move that hot hair back outside. Even though it deals solely with heat, this is a unit that you will absolutely need whether you live in a temperate climate or one that constantly changes.

Rather than generating heat, the heat pump simply moves existing heat around. Because this is more efficient than most other methods, you could actually receive a tax break. As always, it will help to make sure you have some kind of backup system, just in case your heat pump fails at the most inopportune time. The type of backup you  choose, of course, will be between you and your professional installer.

General Maintenance on your Heat Pump

As with any other part of your heating and cooling system, your heat pump will eventually require service. It could be damaged, or it could simply be the victim of general wear and tear. Heat pumps are meant to last for a very long time, ten or even twenty years, and that might seem like a long time. Unfortunately that time will go by in the blink of an eye, leaving you to wonder two very important things.

  • Where did that time go and what did I do with my life?
  • Who can I get to repair this heat pump?

After so much use the heat pump will operate at a lower SEER and HSPF rating than it once did, and now that you know the inevitable is coming, you can prepare for it by having a good heat pump repair company on speed dial. You might not recognize this as a serious problem right now, but you can trust us when we say that it can blossom into one if you don’t keep an eye on it. There are plenty of warning signs but we tend to simply avoid them or write them off as quirks. It could be a gas bill that is a little bit higher than it should be, or maybe you find yourself in a room that isn’t as warm as it should be. If you notice minor problems like these recurring, address them before they turn into major issues!

There is nothing quite as important as addressing these issues in your home early on, and of course making sure that they are not serious problems for the conceivable future. Within your home there are many different items and more than a few different components. Some of these are fair uninteresting, some are nice to have, and others, we could not live without. It is safe to say that the furnace falls within that category, and the heat pump is an important part of it. With a ll of that being said and understood, it is important that you do not allow your heat pump to fall into disrepair. Keep an eye on it, and when the time comes, call in a professional to handle any potential problems that might arise. It’s never too early to prevent the loss of this vital piece of your home.


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